Soft Skills Vs Technical Skills: Which One is Better?

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Before we start comparing these two, we should know what we are actually talking about and what are the benefits of having those skills.

Technical skills or hard skills are just like the name is. It is technical which means those skills are quite straightforward. For example, when you want to apply to work as a plumber that does roof repairing in Malaysia, your employers will look at your technical skills such as the ability to operate saws or machines.

Unlike the technical skills, soft skills are the abilities that allow you to fit in at work. They consist of your own characteristics, attitude, adaptability, motivation, and etiquette. Soft skills are so essential that they are frequently used by companies to choose whether to retain or promote an employee.

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Here are 4 soft skills that are commonly being valued by every business or company in general:

1.       Communication skills

Communication skills are not only about talking and having conversation with your clients or colleagues but also require comprehension which means you must also be able to communicate effectively and nicely with others in person, over the phone, and in writing. Examples of situations where you need to have excellent communication skills are in a meeting, during a presentation and also while writing or replying to official emails.

2.       Critical thinking skills

Having critical thinking skills means you will have to get creative when there are problems that you need to solve. It also means you will have to have good problem-solving skills. For example, if you are a teacher and your students are fighting over something, you will have to come out with solutions on how to stop the fight and try to understand their situation. Creativity, adaptability, and curiosity are all critical thinking skills.

3.       Teamwork

If you are working in a big company which has various big departments, you will need to be able to make a great team with everyone no matter what consequences that you are facing. You must be able to collaborate successfully with others around you. You must be able to collaborate with people even if you do not always agree. Some collaboration abilities include the capacity to interact with others and identify and accept diversity in a team. Accepting and applying input from others is another related skill.

4.       Work-life balance

This is one of the soft skills that not everyone is aware of because it seems like something that is normal but it is actually not. Some people can go to their office to get their job done and still bring some of the task home – which is not convenient because office or working hours are made for a reason. Which is to make sure that every employee is able to get enough rest and get back to work with a good quality on the next day. Balancing working and life are hard for some people and if you are able to do so, that means you are someone that can be reliable to separate your work and personal matters.

Technical skills are usually something that you will need to practice and it depends on what job you have. You will usually learn about in the classroom, through books or other training materials, or on the job. Examples of technical skills are the ability to speak foreign language, operate various machines or hand-sew clothes.