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Benefits Of Using Tiffin


Do you ever feel like you want to bring your food wherever you go? Or want to show some extra love to your kids by cooking them lunch for school? Here is how you can do that, use a tiffin set!

Tiffin carriers are lunch boxes commonly used in Asia and the Caribbean for tiffin meals. They originated in India and have since traveled to Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Trinidad & Tobago, where they are now commonly used. They also come in many cute colours and sizes! There are many options and styles of eco-friendly tiffin set Malaysia that are sold worldwide. Every tiffin carrier from different regions of the world looks slightly different. Still, they all stick to the same stacking method, which makes it easier to carry around instead of having a few containers simultaneously. Well, here are a few benefits of using a tiffin.

eco-friendly tiffin set Malaysia
  1. Keep your food fresh and warm. 

Tiffin sets made from metal are great for keeping your food warm and delicious. Newer fashioned tiffin carriers also use great heat insulators to trap the heat and prevent them from escaping.

  1. One time investment

Are you constantly using plastic or disposable containers? It’s time to stop using their investment in a good quality tiffin carrier that is safer for the environment. Some plastic materials melt under heat and release toxic chemicals that might contaminate your food and cause health issues.

  1. Leakproof

Are you worried about liquid food leaking from your containers? You’ll never have that problem with tiffins. They are usually airtight and rarely leak!

eco-friendly tiffin set Malaysia
  1. Packing more than a meal

You could also use separate containers for different times of the day. For example, place a mid-morning food in the first layer, such as a bagel or fruit slices with peanut butter. Place your sandwich for a quick lunch in the center, and include a 3 p.m. hunger-buster, such as nuts and dried fruit, to help you survive until dinnertime.

  1. Save money

Packing lunch from home can help you with lots of cash! It is much cheaper for you to cook at home and bring it to work or school than always eating out at restaurants and fast-food chains.

  1. Eat healthier

Cooking and packing food from home helps you make better and healthier eating decisions. In the long run, it may be helpful for you. Preparing nutritious meals at home may boost your immune system and lower your risk of diseases including heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes. In addition, it can offer you more energy, help you sleep better at night, and help you handle health concerns better.

If things are packaged incorrectly, food safety may be jeopardised. For example, pack a thermal lunch with an ice pack for meals that require refrigeration. Allowing cold meals to warm up encourages the development of dangerous bacteria. Pack food in reusable containers as much as possible to reduce waste and save money on food wrappings such as plastic wrap and foil.