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Apple Unveils Breast Cancer Research App

10 March 2015

Apple is working with researchers to develop apps for studies including diabetes, asthma, Parkinson’s disease, breast cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

Study finds genetic mutation behind most common breast cancer

13 February 2015

Two genetic variations linked to the most common form of breast cancer has been identified, providing vital clues for designing preventative strategies against the disease.

2nd Women’s Health Summit: Women’s Health Is Nation’s Health

20 October 2014

More than 200 women joined the 2nd Women’s Health Summit held in conjunction with the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Pink October at Pullman Hotel, Bangsar.

‘Bras do not cause breast cancer’: US study

8 September 2014

There is no link between breast cancer and wearing a bra, according to new research by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre, despite persistent rumours to the contrary.

First breast cancer cell bank established in Singapore

2 July 2014

The Cancer Science Institute of Singapore has set up the cell bank to aid in design of therapies to benefit breast cancer sufferers, particularly those in Asia.

Effective National Cancer Care Strategy can reduce cancer death in Malaysia by 50 percent

11 April 2014

Nearly half of cancer deaths in Malaysia could be avoided if patients had access to optimal treatment and early detection of cancer, according to a research.

Large amounts of folic acid could promote, worsen breast cancer

23 January 2014

Folic acid supplements at levels consumed by breast cancer patients and survivors in North America promoted the growth of existing breast cancer in rats, new research found.

Higher breast cancer rates among white women down to lifestyle, finds study

15 January 2014

Greater risk mainly owing to choices such as alcohol consumption as well as lower breastfeeding and birth rates

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