PRIDE Foundation Malaysia Hospitals & Clinics

Hospitals & Clinics

Please note: Information provided here are subject to change, including list of services and costs. While we try to keep all of our directories as updated as possible, we regret if some information listed are not available or inaccurate. Hence, we do value your feedback. Please e-mail us to inform on any change of address, contact numbers or other details at [email protected]. Thank you!

  1. Johor
  2. Kedah
  3. Putrajaya
  4. Kelantan
  5. Kuala Lumpur
  6. Sabah
  7. Melaka
  8. Negeri Sembilan
  9. Sarawak
  10. Pahang
  11. Perak
  12. Selangor
  13. Perlis
  14. Penang
  15. WP Labuan