PRIDE Foundation Malaysia Tun Endon Mahmood’s Message

Tun Endon Mahmood’s Message

Here’s a speech by the late Tun Endon during PRIDE’s inaugural charity event – Walk with PRIDE.I am most honoured to have the Yang Amat Berhormat Prime Minister with us-undoubtedly, the single most important reason why I continue to walk with pride. I am also delighted to have the participation of so many of the cabinet ministers and celebrities hosting tables as VIPs, demonstrating to us that they are with us in the PRIDE cause.

Tonight is a night which belongs to the survivors and rightly so. They have bravely taken on to the catwalk to convey the message that there is life after breast cancer. I am honoured that by your presence tonight you have shown us that we survivors do not have to be on this journey alone.

PRIDE in its brief life has managed to reach out to strive to change the quality of life of breast cancer survivors –you have witnessed a glimpse of this with the fashion show staged earlier. I am sure each of us can appreciate that much more than a fashion presentation, it is a statement of acceptance and of empowerment.

As a survivor, I can relate to the fact that for most of us, the road leading to where we are now has not been the easiest. Our families and us have been challenged in ways that were sometimes beyond our reasonable contemplation. I have learnt to seek the blessings behind the battle…

If the road before this was difficult, at least now we now know the real capacity of our emotional reserves.

If the path before this was lonely, at least we now know who our true friends are. If breast cancer had to happen, let it be for all the right reasons. If esteem was lost along the way, let’s start reclaiming it.

Let’s start being the best version of ourselves and begin the journey to a more meaningful life.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s start Walking with PRIDE.

Excerpt of Speech of:
YABhg Datin Paduka Seri Endon Mahmood,
Chairman of Yayasan Budi Penyayang and Patron of PRIDE
As Read by YAB Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi on 31st July 2005

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