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5 Importance of Technology Advancement for The Society

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Our ancestors used to live without having technologies that are able to ease their daily activities such as house chores and office work. Most of the things are done manually. For example, decades back then not everyone was able to purchase a computer or laptop to keep every piece of data they have, so they kept all data and information by writing it on papers and keeping it in a file and storing it in a safe place. And then, when the technology was invented, they started to type and save things in their personal computer. And technology advancement is where the technology that has been invented is developed to have better features for better experience of using them.

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Technology advancement can be very useful for everyone no matter what sector they are working in. Even students and housewives get to use these advanced technologies to the fullest. Here are 5 importance of technology advancement for the society:

1.   Helps improve communication

From using letters and mail, to phone calls, to using e-mails, to sending text messages and pictures and finally being able to video call with people from around the world without any boundaries. That is what advancement of technologies have done to society. Not only for conversation purposes, with better technologies, people are able to send promotional emails and blast posters or messages to people on various platforms.

2.   Improves efficiency

Making things done in a short period of time is perfect, but do you know that making things done in an efficient way is not as easy? Technology and applied sciences developments assist companies in better serving their customers. For example, previously we rode public transport or personal vehicles to grocery stores to do groceries but with advancement in technologies and improved creative thinking skills, grocery stores now have frozen food delivery (Malaysia) which you can just order using one click and the items will be delivered right to your doorsteps.

3.   Better for education

Since we are now in the midst of a pandemic and have to go through open distance learning or online learning, technological advancement is very important. Students and teachers will need a laptop, iPad or any tablets for their online learning session. Virtual classrooms can be held by using any communication platform such as WebEx, Zoom, Google Meet, Google Hangouts, Skype and a lot more that can be explored. Most of the apps have the same function but some has its own extra features that help for a better learning experience.

4.   Faster transportation

From walking and riding on the back of a horse, to riding a bicycle, to riding a bike, to riding bigger and safer vehicles like cars and busses and lastly to travelling by airplane. There are a lot of processes and from using petroleum and diesel as fuel for these transportations, now there are cars that use battery and electrical charges. With technology advancements in transportation, you can get to your destination faster than it used to be.

5.   Supplies and resources

Technology is needed in order for us to get clean water supplies and also our food; either fresh, frozen or processed. Technology also helps those who are unfortunate by making the impossible possible such as transporting clean water supplies or making apps that allow us to know the availability of the items that we want to purchase.