Laboratory equipment maintenance



Regular maintenance of lab equipment is very important if you work in a laboratory setting. A safe lab equipment malaysia will ensure that all tests carried out are effective and are done without any errors. This would also save you money on unneeded repair costs. The foundation for appropriate equipment is a clean laboratory that is free of dust and grime. The productivity and integrity of the work generated are also severely impacted by the consistency and reliability of the data, which is ensured by well maintained lab equipment. Hence taking proper care and maintenance of the lab equipment are necessary. Here are a few things that you can keep in mind while working on your laboratory’s maintenance. 

  • Clean all lab equipment from time to time 

Cleaning your lab equipment is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to keep your lab in a great condition. There is certain equipment in the lab that needs to be cleaned using chemicals and also alcohol mixture. There are also certain equipment that require to be cleaned with soap water and some just with normal water. Every equipment would definitely come with its own instruction so to be on the safe side just follow the instruction given. 

  • Disposal of broken glasses 

There are specified rubbish bins specifically created for broken glasses. This can also be utilized for items and equipment that have sharp edges. Discarding them in usual bins can be harmful for the person who works in collecting it hence glass rubbish bins are often provided to ease their job. One of the main factors to look after while working with these bins is to not let it overflow and try disposing the content when the bin is half-full. 

  • Cleaning glasses 

All the cleaning that involves glassware in the lab often uses a lab washer-disinfector. This disinfector often has a hot-air drying capability that will do all the needed cleaning for glass surfaces or equipment that are made entirely with glass. This includes pipettes, beakers, flasks, glass tongs and also funnels. Since glass items are very fragile, the disinfector is used to avoid any mishap from happening. 

  • Hand Washing station/sink hygiene

While carrying out a research or experiment, the urge to wash hands frequently is very high. People also tend to use the sink to mix and pour various types of chemicals and soluble for the lab usage. Because of this the sink has to be kept clean at all times. If the sink or washing station happens to clog, it should be immediately unclogged to prevent any type of contamination from taking place. 

  • Maintaining of emergency station 

In a big laboratory setting, it is normal that they are equipped with shower stations and also eyewash equipment. If you have any of these components in your lab then it is important to do an inspection once every 2 weeks. By doing this you are able to constantly check what is lacking and improvise it. This would prevent any stress during the actual emergency cases.