Providing You With The Laboratory Equipment Malaysia That You Need

laboratory equipment Malaysia

For those working in the science and medical field, the amount of times you will be spending your time in the laboratory is … well, countless I guess? It’s important to have all the basic laboratory equipment Malaysia for you to be able to conduct experiments safely and conducive. Here’s what you need to know about laboratory equipment and the kinds of laboratory equipment available for your perusal. 

laboratory equipment Malaysia

What is laboratory equipment?

Laboratory equipment is the equipment used when dealing with experiments and intricate projects. Unlike a heavy industrial workplace, a laboratory is where all complex experiments are carried out, and most of these experiments require a safe space to ensure that they won’t contaminate the other areas in the building. 

Laboratory equipment comes in handy with dealing with things that can’t be seen with a naked eye. Microscopes, bunsen burners, fume hoods, centrifuges, and other equipment are responsible for scientific discoveries and even responsible for finding a cure for deadly diseases for mankind. Hence, it is important to have basic laboratory equipment in your lap to make your experiments successful.

Basic laboratory equipment needed in your lab

As aforementioned, you can’t proceed to do your experiments without the existence of basic laboratory equipment. Moreover, without this basic laboratory equipment, you might not have the right equipment to store certain substances or specimens needed for experiments.

Safety Gear

First and foremost, you must have your safety gear in your laboratory. Why? Dealing with experiments can be both enlightening and potentially dangerous. We don’t want to contaminate ourselves with potent chemicals now do we? Exactly. Safety gear consists of safety goggles, lab coats and gloves. Safety goggles to protect your eyes from harmful chemicals, labcoats to protect yourself from accidental spills or splashes when conducting an experiment, and gloves to protect your hands when handling toxic chemicals or substances. 

Test Tube Racks 

What is the purpose of conducting an intricate experiment without having test tube racks in the lab? Test tube racks help hold the test tube in an upright position, keeping the chemicals or specimens safely and organised in the racks. Not only does it ensures that the test tubes are placed in a proper place, but it also ensures that the test tube won’t fall or spill accidentally, which could potentially contaminate you and the entire laboratory. 

laboratory equipment Malaysia

Test Tube

Ah yes, the most common laboratory equipment that you see during your science lab sessions. Test tubes are used in many experiments due to their nature, which is high in thermal stability. However, you must remember to tilt the test tube to a 45-degree angle when heating to avoid hot liquid immediately shooting up. 

Wash Bottle 

A Wash bottle is important when you want to get rid of the leftover residue in the user apparatus before using it again for another experiment. This is to avoid the residue of the previous experiment to be mixed up with the chemical or substances used for the next experiment. It is also used before starting an experiment, to get rid of the dust or potential leftover residue from previous experiments too.


Please don’t be confused with the tongs you normally use for cooking. Laboratory tongs are used to pick up small objects from the reaction container or to lift and carry crucibles after heating, as well as transfer evaporating dishes from one place to another.