Good Food for Bad Weather


Good food for the bad weather is just something similar to what you will eat during rainy days or when you are feeling a bit off. You can eat soup, chicken porridge, baked potatoes and all food that is actually hot and makes you feel warmer during cold and rainy days. If you’re forced to stay indoors due to the storms and heavy rain pour that are wreaking havoc on much of the country, take advantage of the situation by honing your cooking abilities. If you are not able to set your feet out of your house, frozen food delivery Malaysia is ready to serve you with their best delivery services.

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These are the things that you need to always have in stock in case you will experience bad weather. It can be whether for your comfortability or for snacks that you can eat while waiting for the weather to get better:

1.       Crackers

Biscuits or crackers are actually very important that it should be a must – have at everyone’s house especially during bad weather. You can eat the crackers just like that, dip it in hot chocolates or even put tuna toppings on top of it to make it more enjoyable especially if you are not a fan of crackers. But it can be the best go-to snacks that will be able to fill your tummy.

2.       Canned food

There are various types of canned food that you can find in the grocery store ranging from canned tuna, to baked beans. You can actually find that a lot in the store. I personally enjoy canned mackerel or in Malaysia we usually call it sardin tin. It can be very delicious if you know how to cook it correctly; with garlic, onions, red peppers and so on. If you are not interested in those Malay canned dishes, canned tuna, salmon, chicken and turkey are actually very good if you want them with bread and few types of sauces.

3.       Any kind of soup

Oh My God! Eating soup in cold weather? That must be very warm and makes us feel comfortable. I personally prefer fish head soup and seaweed soup during rainy days because the seasonings and herbs in these two soups are very delicious. It is also quite easy to make these two soups because you will only need some ingredients to make it. Commonly, in these soups, people will put garlic which is good for our stomach especially during rainy days as it helps to prevent and reduce bloating.

4.       Hot drinks

This is actually not food but it really does make you feel better during bad weather. Hot drinks can vary as you can make it depending on your favourites. Some might prefer hot tea during rainy days because the taste is not that strong and some others might prefer hot coffee. But if you are confused about which one to choose, always choose hot chocolate. Hot chocolate is enjoyed by everyone from a wide range of ages; kids, teenagers, elderly and so on. Who doesn’t love hot chocolate, right?

These are all things that you should at least have in your house especially if you are living at a place with high risk of extreme climate change