The Importance of Septic Tank Cleaning Services In KL 

septic tank cleaning service in KL


Have you ever wondered where all the daily waste from your homes or workplaces go to? Well, the short answer is: that all those waste passes through a septic tank that is located underground. Usually, the septic tanks are positioned not far from homes or commercial buildings, to separate the wastewaters before releasing them into the drain field. Similar to anything that traps waste, the septic tank does need cleaning every once in a while. Therefore, if you’re living in KL, you can consider hiring a septic tank cleaning service in KL

septic tank cleaning service in KL

What is a septic tank?

A septic tank is designed like a big container that is positioned underground near your home or commercial buildings. This tank is a sedimentation tank that is responsible for wastewater treatment. The process that goes on in the septic tank is a process of biological decomposition and drainage. 

Okay, anything else I need to know about septic tanks?

Similar to a kitchen grease trap, the septic tank also deals with digesting organic matters and separates the matter that floats (like oils and grease) and solid from wastewaters. Moreover, there are a few systems of septic tanks, which are soil-based systems and alternative systems that use pumps and gravity. 

Soil-based systems

The soil-based system works in a way that is discharge liquid into various perforated pipes that are buried in a leach field, chambers or other unique units which are created to eventually release the liquid (also known as effluent) into the soil. 

Alternative systems

An alternative system, alternative system uses pumps or gravity to guide the liquid of the septic tank through various things like sand, organic matter, constructed wetlands, or another sort of media to get rid of and neutralise pollutants and other contaminants. The alternative septic tank system is designed in a way in evaporates wastewater or disinfects it before discharging it into the soil. 

septic tank cleaning service in KL

Here are some steps to understanding how a typical septic tank works:

  1. All the waste and water that runs out of your house goes through the main drainage pipe that leads to the septic tank.
  2. The septic tank is normally situated underground, and it is a water-tight container that is usually made of concrete, fibreglass or polyethene. When the wastewater has made its way to the septic tank, then it will take time for the denser waste to sink down to the bottom of the tank, while the lighter waste will float to the surface. 
  3. When it has been left for long enough, the remaining liquid (which is also known as the effluent) will exit the septic tank and into the drain field. 
  4. The wastewater is discharged on a porous surface, which then allows wastewater to filter through the soil. The drain field mentioned is a shallow, covered excavation made in unsaturated soil. This soil accepts, treats and disperses the previous wastewater as it seeps into the soil, eventually discharging it into groundwater. 
  5. Last but not least, the wastewater seeps into the soil, naturally removing harmful coliform bacteria, viruses and nutrients.

Hence, it is important to get your septic tank cleaned. By doing so, the septic tank will not be accumulated with the grease or dirt that is separated from the wastewater. If that happens, the septic tank will leak and your main drainage pipes will be blocked. Treat and clean your septic tank by hiring septic tank cleaning services for a better and cleaner drainage system.