About General Science

foundation in general science in Ireland


If you’re aiming to further your studies in the medicinal field or work in laboratories overseas; such as a foundation in general science in Ireland or even a degree in medicine within Malaysia. Then, the science major is the route to go. Specifically, general science if you don’t want to focus only on science. 

General science is broad – hence, it is suitable for students who do not wish to focus on a single scientific field as well as the ones who want to focus on health-related fields. 

The major relates to Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and many more. Due to its wide range, some universities allow their students to customize their academic programs so that they would suit their career goals. 

The Benefits of General Science

Apart from the freedom to choose your subjects to suit your career aim, there are other benefits to this course as well: 

  • Critical thinking development

The course develops students’ critical thinking by relating theories and practice together. There are always practice and real-life experiences for general science students and they have to apply the theories that they have learned to succeed. The lack of practice could cause a lack of critical thinking in students. 

  • Understand the world 

Due to the course’s wide range of subjects and focus, students are able to understand how the world works. The subjects that they will learn are Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. For example, friction, gravity, and the system of the human body. 

  • Challenge your mind

General science subjects mostly utilize logical reasoning, hence, the students will work their minds to decipher complex theories and problems. constantly during their studies. This goes hand in hand with theory application and real-life practice. This will help you gain insight and new perspectives to help you succeed.

  • Vast Opportunities in Career

This major focuses on a wide range of subjects and students are able to pick the subjects they like according to their career goals. Graduates of this course have various opportunities and potential career-wise. Providing students with real-life practices, so students can apply their skills to, the major will make sure you succeed. 

Which industry can you go to? 

A major in general science degree grants you the freedom to venture into any career you like that is related to science. Specifically, medicine, dentistry, therapy, and technology.  

Students are able to take up a minor or major in English if they wish to focus on writing. Hence, this may lead them to a career in writing for Science, technology, or natural history. 

Equipped with an education certificate, students are able to go to the education field and become teachers for elementary school or junior high school science. 

Other career opportunities include: 

  • Biological technologist
  • Food inspector
  • Laboratory technician 
  • Health and safety officer
  • Database analyst 
  • Laboratory assistant 

Career opportunities that require further education:

  • Chiropractor
  • Dentist
  • Lawyer
  • Physical Therapist 
  • Veterinarian 
  • Science or Mathematics teacher