How To Kickstart Your Vacation In Malaysia

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Notwithstanding its political instability, Malaysia is ranked one of the highest frequented tourist sites amongst Southeast Asia for its diversity and beautiful beaches. Over the months in light of the pandemic to which it is totally uncalled for, the country has since struggled for a bit due to the borders of many countries being closed to prevent unnecessary international travels. In general however, Malaysia is one country you should tick off from your travel bucket list and here are some ideas recommending you ways to kickstart your vacation in Malaysia post pandemic. 

Hawker Centres

Malaysia is fairly well-known for its plethora of hawker centres which hold a wide variety of local delicacies from local Malay cuisine, to Chinese and Indian specialties. If you are a food enthusiast by heart, this must be your first ever stop after getting down from your flight, and is one effective way of regaining the energy you have lost throughout your journey. Apart from that, foods are being sold at relatively affordable prices in Malaysia’s hawker centres so fret not of suffering your wallet because this should not be of major concern. Also, if you are not a fan of spicy yourself, do not worry because there exist tons of other selections that are not spicy. 

Beautiful Beaches

Not only Malaysia but when it comes to Southeast Asia in general, we are world-renowned for having most of the beautiful beaches ever existed on earth, and that is potentially the reason why this very part of the globe is so highly frequented by tourists all over the world annually pre-covid. If you happened to visit Malaysia some time soon, here are some great recommendations you can jot down on your notepad, Pulau Redang, Pulau Perhentian, Pulau Langkawi, Port Dickson, so on and so forth. Most interestingly, there are diving packages Malaysia you can enroll in if you wish to further master this skill. 

If you are generally fond of beaches, you may want to visit Terengganu, for it is situated by the South China Sea with plenty of beaches you can go to, two of which being the above mentioned Pulau Redang and Pulau Perhentian. Other than that, Terengganu is pretty well-known for holding a wealth of seafood supply. Remember to stop by at one of the local restaurants in town to have a taste of their local delicacy, rest-assured that you will not ever regret. 

Bottom Line 

The state of affairs now may simply be too risky for you to set foot even in public spaces, but keep your heads up and maintain a positive thinking, this will soon be over and you can finally materialise your vacation plans again. Till then, stay healthy and stay safe, for the sake of not only yourself but your loved ones.