PRIDE Foundation Malaysia Industrial When To Select CNC Machining For Your Parts?

When To Select CNC Machining For Your Parts?

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CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control, and it is a controller or computer that receives all of the regular programme instructions. It is largely utilised in the manufacturing industry to control numerous tools using computer systems. Because the work is sensitive and delicate, selecting the best CNC machine for the job is crucial.

CNC machining, which is utilised for a wide range of applications, is one of the most adaptable and reliable manufacturing methods. It is undeniably important in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, and medicine, being one of the primary tools used by engineers in the construction of prototypes as well as the fabrication of plastics and metals. In 5-axis machined centres, this adaptability is considerably greater.

When To Choose The Cnc?

There are instances when large cnc machining johor is the best solution.


It is without a doubt more precise and cost-effective than other production technologies such as 3D printing. There are no other techniques that can match the level of precision that CNC machining can provide.

It can produce far tighter tolerances than other methods, down to 0.025mm. As a result, when precision is critical in manufacturing, the CNC is the best option.

Mechanical Characteristics

Machined pieces offer outstanding mechanical qualities when cut from a solid block of extruded material. And, unlike 3D printed items, which are weaker because they are created in layers on an axis, they are incredibly strong in all dimensions.

Furthermore, because they lack vulnerable joints, these parts operate flawlessly in the most demanding situations. In these circumstances, the part’s strength and performance take precedence over the money. CNC is an excellent choice.

large cnc machining johor

Shapes That Are Simple

When items have solid and basic shapes, CNC machining is the ideal solution due to the aforementioned qualities, precision, and superior mechanical properties.

Due to the types of cuts required, additive manufacturing would be a viable option to CNC for the production of parts with more complex geometry. In the case of simpler parts, however, the qualities and properties of the parts produced by CNC are superior.

It is the most preferred method as long as the pieces can be created using CNC machining.


You can select one of two manufacturing processes based on the volume of units to be produced.

It’s ideal for a variety of manufacturing quantities. It’s a quick technique that’s not too pricey and can handle volumes of 1 to 1000 units.

When manufacturing a volume of more than 1000 units, the CNC is no longer cost effective; instead, a mass production process such as injection moulding is recommended.

The most appropriate manufacturing procedure for a modest order of plastic pieces with no critical mechanical qualities would be 3D printing.


CNC machining is not the most cost-effective method, even though it is not the most expensive. If the prototypes or production parts do not require high quality, it will be important to examine its need in this scenario.

3D printing would be the ideal solution for small numbers of items at a low cost in circumstances where cost is a priority and precise precision and quality are not required. Injection moulding is also advised for bigger quantities of production.