What Should A Website Designer Consider?

Generally speaking, there are no more than two forms of website home page, one is pure image display type, this type of text information is less, more image information, through the artistic modeling and design layout, the use of a series of images and company image and products, services, text information, composed of a vivid picture, to show the viewer an image, an atmosphere, so as to attract the viewer to enter the browse. This requires the designer to have a good design foundation and aesthetic ability, and to be able to work hard to explore the deeper connotations of the company and showcase the corporate culture. This type of home page in the design process must be clear to design-led, through the colour, layout to give visitors a deep impression, of course, we can not design for the sake of design, our purpose is marketing.

A beautiful web page attracts the first impression of the web user and enables the user to use it for a long time and to browse for a long time is the main content of the website that is constantly updated with the attention of the users. Therefore, before creating a website, it is important to have a precise orientation. What is the direction of the website? Is it a portal with lots of information, a forum with a focus on certain expertise, an interactive platform and so on, to name but a few. Once positioned, it is important to collect and categorise the material and provide columns of interest to users.

The repetition of individual characteristic elements in the design of a website will also impress visitors. For example, changes in the structure of the website at a certain point, a change from a straight line to a circular arc, a bright colour accented by a dark colour, a complementary colour in a colour, etc. One of the most difficult aspects of web design is colour matching. How to use the simplest colours to convey the most meaning and reflect a company’s image is a subject that web designers need to learn and explore constantly. How to match colours is also a learning curve. 

In web design work, the first thing that needs to be done is to have a corresponding degree of contrast, to ensure that the web design and the web content have unity, that the page as a whole is more concise and clear, that the functions are perfect and that the theme of the web page can be fully highlighted. It is also necessary to ensure consistency between the style of the web pages and the actual colour layout. In terms of contrast setting, it needs to highlight the key points of publicity in the website content. By following all these basic principles, it can make the overall design value of the web page more prominent. As a company website designer, if you do not have any ideas, you can check website design service penang to help you out.