Type of cements and its uses

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Cement certainly does provide a significant role be it for logistic uses or simply small scaled uses. For all forms of construction, including roads, schools, hospitals, dams, ports and buildings use cement together with their other elements. It is also an item widely used for decorative purposes or as a binding agent as seen in the usage of creating floor, tiling, pool deck and patios. Another major use of cement is seen in the making of sculptures, tables and as a binding element in concrete. Concrete is an adaptable and dependable building material with several uses. Examining some of the industry’s characteristics that may affect the accessibility or practicality of emission reduction is done as an alternative in reducing carbon footprints. 

Types of cement

There are so many types of cement that is used but there are specifically a few that is famous and is used thoroughly in the logistic & construction industry 

  • Portland pozzolana cement (PPC) 

This type of cement is made out of several other ingredients like gypsum, opc clinker and other pozzolanic materials. It is used in marine structures and all sorts of constructions that are done near the seashore or basically water area. This is due to the durable mix of ingredients that it can withstand high pressure of water. It is also used in post-tensioned applications.

  • Rapid hardening cement 

As the name suggests, this type of cement hardens very fast. It tends to gain more strength as there are ingredients like the tricalcium silicate in it. This is one of the most common types of cements used in construction. It is usually used as the very final coating in any construction work as the setting time would take only around 30 minutes depending on the thickness of cement applied. 

  • Ordinary portland cement (opc) 

This type of cement is used in the general construction purposes be it as it is or as a binding agent. This type of cement is a mixture of silicates, calcium carbonate and argillaceous. This is the type of cement that is used in masonry work that stands as the basic fundament of a building. 

This type of cement is named as such because it tends to produce low heat of hydration during setting. The ratio and the composition in making of this type of cement is modified to actually reduce the heat of hydration. This type of cement is used in any construction work that involves a larger surface area like large slabs and wind turbines. It is also used in the construction of chemical plants or also known as synthetic plants. 


To conclude there are a variety of types when it comes to cements and its making. It is also often used in piping works like the mild steel cement lined mscl pipes malaysia. If you are looking for cement for your uses in logistics or construction choose the ones that best suit your area of functionality.