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The Best Position You Need to Know When Having A Sex

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  • Prone in a crouch

The Crouching Prone might be right for you if you like a snugger fit. This position combines the closeness of spooning sex with the violent delight of dog style. The Crouching Prone posture allows for reach-arounds, which lets your partner grab a vibrator and complement penetration with some clitoris- or nipple-based pleasure, even though it makes access to sex toys a little more challenging than either position in its original form.

  • Cunnilingus modified

Laying down on a bed with a cushion under the small of your back will help you support yourself. Then your husband can approach you as usual. The higher posture gives them additional possibilities to supplement oral sex with a dildo or other penetrative item.

  • Missionary Modified

An elevated version of the traditional missionary is more conducive to sex-toy play than the traditional missionary. For further support, slide a pillow under your back. To further alter the angle, bend your legs inward toward your chest. Then, while they get down on their knees, your partner can approach and engage in some sex toy play.

It might be simple to incorporate a tiny, hands-free clitoral vibrator. A double-penetration dildo or even a rabbit vibrator, a penetrative dildo with an integrated clitoris stimulator, might work. Modified Missionary, to put it simply, is a gold mine of experimental sex-toy play.

  • The Tag Group

As we are all aware, penetration is not the only method to achieve this. You can combine oral sex with a sex toy or make the sex toy the main attraction. Go on a toy hunt with your companion after discussing the kinds of toys they would want to try. You two are going to have a great time. Online sex toy retailer Secret Cherry Malaysia sells vibrators so that you can try these positions on your partner.

  • Reverse Cowgirl/Cowgirl

We have good news. Two of your favourites, Cowgirl and Reverse Cowgirl, are ideal sex toys. Start off by placing a vibrating ring on your partner’s strap-on or shaft. You may simply perform your routine sex with more thrill because it is low-cost and low-effort.

There are many sex toy alternatives available. With these positions, you can use anything, including a butt plug, nipple clamps, and hands-free clitoral vibrators. Go creative when playing these timeless games; there are many opportunities for added enjoyment.

  • Spooning

Spooning Although it’s unlikely that sex toys were considered when it was developed, it might have been! Intimate positions like this allow for a range of sex-toy play because they give your partner access to your most exposed parts. You may easily add a clitoral vibrator, have your partner rub a vibrator on your nipples, or just reach over and massage an anal sex toy against their anus.

  • Canine Style

In addition to being a timeless classic, Doggy Style is a perfect fit for sex-toy play. While your partner is invading you from behind, you can utilize a clitoral vibrator in the front. You can even request an anal toy with vibrations from your partner. They might as well take advantage of the fact that they can clearly see your genitalia.

Of the many movements or techniques above, there have been many styles and positions that are suitable for using sex toys, so please check the famous sex toy shop in Malaysia.