The Benefits Of Taking Care Of Yourself During This Global Pandemic


The Benefits Of Taking Care Of Yourself During This Global Pandemic

We all have been staying home since the middle of March 2020 and it is said that the Movement Control Order will be continued until the early of December 2020. Some of us who are working are currently struggling mentally, emotionally, and financially during this process. It is understandable to go through such struggles during this time as the work environment exists for us to be able to work at the office. Now that we are forced to stay home and work, kind of forced us to function, especially those people who do not afford to prepare or create a workspace for themselves. The reason why this happens, not because we are the only ones forced to stay home, everyone is forced to stay including our children and our parents. Sometimes they will start to play and it gets noisy. Sometimes our children will start crying. The pressure is sometimes unexplainable. What I know is that we cannot change our situation nor fix the problem. Therefore, here are a few steps we can practice to stay positive and at the same time, helping ourselves.

Firstly is by eating properly. Eating properly is very general. To be specific, you have to start eating at the right time, with the right amount and the right food. Easy when it comes to say. But by starting with this, you are able to go through your days without having a sad stomach. Hence, you would get easily irritated or annoyed. The most important time to eat properly that we often neglect is breakfast. The recommended time to get your breakfast is between 7 to 10 in the morning. Meanwhile, what you eat is also as crucial as the time. You have to make sure you balance your nutrition intakes like vegetables, meat, rice, etc. I understand that it is quite hard to get supplies during this Control Movement Order especially on getting fresh vegetables, but you can always buy vegetables online Malaysia, and you can get fresh and fast supplies.

Secondly, is to at fresh fruit and vegetables online malaysia do some light exercise. When we work from home, we think it is easier as we do not have to rush ourselves to shower and get ready for work in the morning. We can just wake up and straight away open our laptop, and people would not even know if we have taken our shower. But we are completely wrong. By doing that, you are unconsciously putting your emotions in a very dangerous state. Therefore, there is nothing like waking up early and doing some light exercise like jumping around or running in one place for a while before you take your shower and continue with your days.

Last but not least, is to meditate. I understand that some people do not have strong faith in religions. But we can always take a few minutes by sitting and meditating, like having conversations with ourselves, in a nice manner. Maybe to those who actually pray, they can take extra time and recite any phrases to their Lord, and that can bring them some peace of mind. But to some who do not, they can practice by saying some positive phrases to themselves, it is considered as refueling ourselves with positivity that we have released throughout the day.

In conclusion, we are affected during this global pandemic and some might have it better than us. Nonetheless, it does not mean they are not affected by it either. At the end of the day how you handle yourself is important. Because after this global pandemic is over, what do you earn while other people are focusing on their losses?