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Right Deals For The Time Home Fibre Malaysia

Time fibre internet

For an ambitious SME, creating a website is essential to promote your business. But for young companies, without a communication budget, the exercise is a double-edged sword: a poorly designed site can have a negative effect on its brand image. For the Time fibre internet, this is the best choice.

 So you have to ask yourself the right questions before taking the plunge and creating your company’s website:

  • What need does the website meet?
  • What are the objectives that this website should achieve?
  • Who will bring it to life, animate it, and update it?

It is advisable to contact a web agency, which can help design a professional website in accordance with the objectives of communication on the internet. The professional blog, accessible from the website, is also recommended:

  • increase visibility
  • bring internet traffic
  • disseminate messages

To animate it, it is possible to call on a content agency, which can propose an efficient content strategy .

E-marketing, to engage with your customers on the internet

The Internet is a good way to convert new customers and what makes a good employer. It is e-marketing, which takes the form of promotional campaigns:

  • emailing
  • acquisition of Facebook followers or fans
  • contests
  • etc.

In short, anything that can help the visibility of its products or services, and the promotion of its business.

To take full advantage of the Internet, you want a good connection speed. Indeed, nothing is more frustrating than the slowness of a streaming video, an online game or a download . The exspert tells you how to increase your internet speed.

Diagnose the quality of your Internet speed

You are well aware of the symptoms of slow bandwidth, you have trouble loading a Web page, downloads are laborious … you are therefore not able to use the Internet under the conditions provided by your access provider. In its offers, it announces theoretical speeds of flow (up and down). In practice, it is different, to know the exact speed of your Internet connection in Mb / s (megabytes per second), you must go through an online test. Google offers this service, just like Speedtest, for example, or the very powerful test. This site indicates that the number of tests carried out in the last 6 months has risen to more than 188 million.