Places To Visit In Puchong

Puchong South

You have relocated to Puchong South as it is much closer to your workplace. As you are new to this area, you do not know where to visit during the weekends to spend the day off with friends or family. You do not have to worry, there are actually many interesting places to visit in Puchong. So, do not hear all these rumours saying that there is nothing to visit in Puchong.

IOI Mall Puchong

For the first on the list, let us start with something safe. We decided to recommend a shopping mall first because a shopping mall is an ideal place to sit down and relax, such as eating nice food, enjoying a nice dessert and so on. Anyway, there are many restaurants to go to in IOI Mall Puchong such as halal restaurants, Chinese restaurants, Japanese food and many more. On top of that, if shopping is also your thing, IOI Mall Puchong has many shopping outlets for you to shop. So, shop until you are full.


Next on the list is Escape Room Setiawalk Puchong. If you are looking for some fun and excitement, this game is for you. This escape room offers a real-life interactive puzzle, where you and your team have to find clues to escape from a locked room within 45 minutes. Sounds fun! With millions of participants around the world, we don’t see why you don’t want to try this game.

Uptown Puchong Night Bazaar

Where is the fun if you don’t enjoy the nightlife? No, we are nightlife like going out for drinks or clubbing. The nightlife we are talking about is the local nightlife. At Uptown Puchong Night Bazaar, there are lots of informal eateries for you to choose from. There are salons and there are also small shops selling diverse wares. A good place to visit if you want to have the “Pasar Malam” feel.

The Beagle Mania

If you like beagles or dogs in general, you should put ‘The Beagle Mania’ on your bucket list. At the Beagle Mania, you will get to learn about the history and origins of the dog breed. Besides just learning, you get to play with up to 20 beagle dogs! Wow, isn’t that fun? The entry fee is Rm25 per person. Not bad. Reasonable price.

Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve Trail

Last but not least on the list is Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve Trail. Indulge yourself in nature by enjoying the fresh air and scenery of the forest. After decades of urban life, you would want to get together with nature at least once in your life. Remember to not litter in the forest. Take good care of its cleanliness.


See, there are plenty of places to visit in Puchong. You just need to dig deeper. Which of the places listed sparked your interest? Either way, we recommend you try visiting all of the places mentioned.

Puchong South