Maximize Your Orgasm: 6 Tips


These are some of the ways to maximize the orgasm. In this post, I sought and listed some advises from professionals throughout the scientific spectrum, including medical research, sexperts, and sex therapists, on how to improve female orgasm and feel connected to your partner without sacrificing your basic right to come. Do not forget to buy some sex toys from It would be beneficial for the bedroom. 

1. Increase The Amount Of Foreplay

Increases in the “love drug” oxytocin helped couples experience more intense orgasms, according to a study published in the journal Hormones and Behavior. However, cuddling, embracing, kissing, and bonding behaviors can provide a significant increase in the hormone without the need of supplements. To improve your sexual performance, carve out additional bonding time with each other or extend your foreplay sessions before sex.

2. Experiment With Edging

Delayed gratification is difficult to master, but it’s well worth it when it comes to your orgasm. The practise of “edging,” or deliberately delaying orgasm for a more intense climax, was promoted in a research published in the Journal of Sex Research. The study found that if people took a break when they were approximately 90% of the way to climax and then resumed after slowing down a little, their orgasm was significantly stronger.

It’s a simple technique to improve your game: Bring yourself to the “edge” of your orgasm, then slow down, pause, and resume. Before letting go, repeat this process two or three times.

3. Your Vaginal Muscles Should Be Exercised

Squeezing or constricting the muscles that surround the vaginal opening helps transport blood to the pelvic floor and increase arousal. Women who can contract and relax their pubococcygeal (PC) muscles can boost their male partner’s pleasure and assist him in reaching orgasm. PC muscle workouts can also help men increase the intensity of their orgasms and improve their erections.

4. Increase Your Testosterone Levels

Your body creates the same hormone that helps you orgasm whether you cheer for your favorite sports team, push weights at the gym, or watch Game of Thrones.

According to research from Greece’s Military Hospital in Athens, having more T in your circulation makes you more likely to orgasm. An intense orgasm in fact. Then, try some testosterone-boosting exercises like going for a run before your next frolic.

5. Women: Hang Your Head From The Bed.

Some women believe that hanging their head over the side of the bed increases their excitement and promotes a better female orgasm by allowing blood to rush to their brain. Another reason why this method might work is that this position will be a diversion and may lead to female orgasm” when women try too hard to have orgasms.

The final secret to better orgasms, according to a sex expert, Ruberg, is to do whatever works for you. Therefore, let’s do it! 

6. Take Pleasure In Your Body

If people don’t like their bodies, they’ll be more concerned about how they appear during sex than being present in the moment. Obsessing about your body’s imperfections prevents you from responding sexually. Men may be turned on by a gorgeous body in the movies. But, as most guys are more turned on by an interested or interesting partner. If you “get your head out of the way” during sex, you’ll have better orgasms.