PRIDE Foundation Malaysia Industrial Industrial Valves And Its Uses

Industrial Valves And Its Uses

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Have you ever wondered how certain large amounts of liquid are transferred? Did you ever think of the systems that allow petrol to be transported from one place to another? Well, they are transported through piping systems. These piping systems are moderated by valves. 

Industrial valves allow the transport of slurries, liquids and gases. They ensure that these substances are regulated according to the measures and protocols set for them. Plus, they come in various shapes, sizes and types. Industrial valves are similar to your normal or commercial valves. The commercial valve can even be found in your home, in the kitchen tap. It allows the water to pass through when needed. 

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Industrial valves work based on the same concept, just on a more complex level. If your household valve doesn’t work, you just won’t have access to water in your kitchen sink that day. However, if an industrial valve does not work, it can be disastrous for factories and manufacturers. It can cause major irreversible damage. 

Here are a few of the industrial valves and its uses.

Ball Valves

These valves contain a ball in them, that is why they are called ball valves. These valves are handy in controlling the regulation of substances, especially gases. They function as described, they allow substances to pass through them from one hole to another. These holes are usually closed up, open or partially open when substances flow through them. Ball valves can withstand temperatures up to 200 degree celsius, and withstand pressure up to 700 bars. Plus, they can be easily fixed and maintained due to their simple structure. Ball valves can be found in chemical storage, residential areas, manufacturing sectors and the natural gas and oil industry.

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ball float valve in Malaysia

Gate Valves

Gate valves function as isolation valves. Their purpose is to ensure the regulation of liquid. These valves are connected to pipelines, so if they need to be closed off, they can be done so manually using the wheel attached to it. These valves are usually found in commercial centres and homes. Gate valves come in many different materials which include cast iron, forged steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel.These valves can withstand high pressure and temperature, and conditions that present these parameters. 

Butterfly valves

Similar to other valves, they regulate the flow of substance, but they do it at a limited capability. The valves can be rotated intermediately through metal discs located in the body of the valve. They can be rotated manually, pneumatically or even programmed to rotate electronically. These valves are able to withstand corrosive liquids at low pressures and temperatures. They are usually found in the chemical, food processing and pharmaceutical services. Other than that, they are also used in fire protection, wastewater treatment, gas supply, power generation, fuel handling systems, oil and chemical industries and water supplies.