PRIDE Foundation Malaysia Property Exactly What Questions Should You Ask While Inspecting A Rental Apartment In Mutiara Damansara Properties?

Exactly What Questions Should You Ask While Inspecting A Rental Apartment In Mutiara Damansara Properties?

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An unmarried couple, A and B, are searching for a home to call their own. To this point, they are both still living with their parents and have no idea what it would be like to live in an apartment rental, but they do have certain requirements for their ideal house. The location of their love nest should preferably be in or near the city center, if possible. They have also heard from friends that it is preferable to purchase a home without first purchasing real estate. This will save the owner the expense of paying a commission as well as a refundable deposit.

Requirements In Terms Of Rental

In order to avoid having to rely on others for basic needs, A and B would like a fully furnished apartment in Mutiara Damansara Properties, preferably after renovation. Because they are still youthful and full of life, they would like to have get-togethers for their friends at their residence from time to time. Because both of them already have secure employment, and they do not rule out the possibility of having a family in the near future, they are searching for a long-term rental of an apartment measuring at least 2 + 1.

“Hooray, We’ve Discovered An Apartment That Doesn’t Need A Bail Bond Or Real Estate!”

Mutiara Damansara

Every day, A keeps an eye on the different websites that provide flats without a real estate component. He started to stumble across an apartment in a panel home that he really liked, despite the fact that he seems to have some flaws based on the pictures that were provided. Despite the fact that it does not have plastic windows and that it is not located entirely in the center, the advertising claims that it is a 2 + 1 apartment with no deposit for $ 7,500 per month plus $ 1,500 in energy costs. He provides a link to B’s residence, and the two of them come to an agreement on the location. As a result, they will write to the linked email address in the advertising, and the master will promptly write them off and schedule an inspection of the flat with them. “Yay, we’re already living together!” says one of them. It’s something A is looking forward to.

It is possible that the state of the apartment shown in the ads does not match the actual condition. For example, you might request that current pictures of the property be given to you through email, and you could ask the owner to describe precisely how the flat is furnished. A suspiciously cheap price may indicate an issue, such as an unappealing location or a bad technical state of the flat, among other things.


The initial tour of the flat – without the presence of real estate agents A and B arrive for a mutually agreed-upon tour. He calls the flat’s owner, who answers the phone and tells them that the unit is on the 5th floor. After entering the flat, they begin to have concerns about their decision since the pictures they saw in the advertising do not match the reality they are experiencing. Because the flat is ancient and has not been renovated, it is not very large. Furthermore, it is a two-bedroom flat rather than a two-bedroom plus one-bedroom as indicated in the advertising.