Do you only have a Facebook page for your business?

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If your company is reasonably successful, you may have a variety of reasons why a good website or even any website isn’t all that important to you. If you own a business, you ought to have a website in order to compete with competitors who already have one. Furthermore, are you certain you won’t be able to market your product online? COVID-19 has changed the retail landscape, with millions of shoppers searching for everything online. So, while you dally, your competitor has most likely seen the value of a website for their company. Look for more info on website development in malaysia.

Sure, you understand the importance of having a web presence, but you may not believe that an effective website will make a significant difference for your specific business — especially if you’re already profitable. “Doesn’t my Facebook page count?” you may wonder. Businesses generally depend on Facebook and other social platforms as their primary advertising channel. And these channels provide benefits.

For example, they can help you build a wider audience and even conduct market research. However, a Facebook page should not be used in place of your company’s website. Here are some of the reasons why.

Your Facebook page is not your possession.

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What if Facebook decides one day that it will no longer support businesses? If your Facebook page was your only online presence, all of your clients and followers would likely vanish. In fact, not long ago, Facebook went down globally, causing panic. While it’s unlikely that Facebook will stop backing businesses, you have no say in the adjustments Facebook makes. However, you have complete control over the appearance and features of your website.

Facebook Has SEO Restrictions

Consider this. Where would you go when you’re looking for a local business? Google or Facebook? The 3.5 billion everyday Google searches demonstrate that most people prefer search engines to social networks for information. A company website helps to place yourself so that customers will find you when they search for the products or services you offer. Even if you can effortlessly compete with established websites, you can optimise your site for local search results in order to attract a local audience.

A website has more credibility

A company website is a symbol of faith, and people only purchase from companies they recognise, like, and believe. While it may be easier to create a Facebook page, a business website will allow you to command more trust and legitimacy.

Attention is short lived on Facebook 

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Having your company mentioned on Facebook means you’re constantly up against competition from other businesses. Furthermore, you must compete with your prospective client’s Facebook friends. Many people seem to find advertisements irritating, particularly when they want to stay in touch with friends, so they will disregard your company posts or advertisements. A business website, on the other hand, guarantees that you have the full attention of a potential client. So, while you may have to do some grunt work to get them to your website, once they’re there, the chances of them patronising you increase.

Nobody is saying that you shouldn’t have a Facebook page for your company. However, your Facebook page and other social media should supplement, not replace, your website.