Best Solutions with the TM Unifi High-Speed Internet

You should realize that a large number of resources available on the internet are not connected to your live operator. They will be on connections of other operators, on cloud platforms or quite simply in data centres. There will therefore be a different number of players in the connection chain.

This can be a simple exchange point such as BNIX, i.e. places where the traffic of several operators arrives and leaves via computer equipment. These points will have available bandwidth depending on the equipment, you can visit or even contracts limiting them.

Operator Transit

We will also from time to time the passage by transit operators. These will be responsible for forwarding traffic from a Belgian operator, for example, to an American operator who is not directly connected. This will then go through different equipment and different types of connections to then do the opposite way to yours with the operator, the connection and finally the servers.

Influencing Points

Several points can influence the speed experienced by an internet connection. Some will be with us, some with our operator and some with those where we want to go. Identifying the real source often requires knowledge but also time.

But no miracle exists and when a problem arises, it is often easier to see the impact than to find the real source given the number of stakeholders. But let’s start by checking home and work our way up. This is the best way to find out where the problem is.

To conclude

Just because an Internet connection has a high download speed does not mean that the upload speed is high. It is still considerably weaker. Internet service providers tout their downlink speeds but remain discreet about their uplink speeds. The downstream speed corresponds to the data which comes from the Internet network and which arrives at the computer or the smartphone. As for the upward flow, it corresponds to the data sent to the Internet network. Depending on the providers who display their uplink speeds, the ratio is 1 Megabit per second (Mbps) in uplink speed for 5 Mbps downstream.