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With our current situation living in the global pandemic, it is quite hard for us to maintain the lifestyle we are living and survive the global pandemic, especially for the one who likes splurging and spending their money. It is said that our current older generation will have a hard time living in this time while the younger generation will have so many opportunities in the future. At this time, a lot of people are struggling and finding ways to survive as it is also said that many more people will go through poverty in the future. Big and small companies are starting to reduce their staff and struggling financially leading the people to have less income and scared with the current situation. Many things have been recommended and considered including doing trading. There are many professional broker website Malaysia you can find, that share all their stories and tips and tricks regarding trading. If you would like to be a broker Malaysia, you can find a lot more information related to this on the Internet. But there also many other ways you can do to help yourself financially other than joining forex trading Malaysia.

The first step is to evaluate your spending, it is very crucial when you can evaluate to control your spending because if you can actually control your saving, you will have at least extra money in your bank account by the end of every month. For example, you can divide by categories how much money you would need to spend on certain things, and how much you need to keep and not touch it at all, unless for emergencies.

Besides that, trusted forex broker Malaysia can also invest in your future. There are many ways of investment you can explore and do including purchasing gold or assets, investing with the banks, etc. The easiest way is by purchasing gold. The gold price will increase and decrease based on market price. Normally people will purchase gold once the price dropped. For women, they will wear it as jewelry, meanwhile, men will keep it at the bank or hide it with them, or ask any of his sisters or mother to wear it for them. Women can be instructed to pay tax if they own gold jewelry but kept it home.

Last and as important is to get rid of debt and prevent yourself from having debt. Debt is very dangerous especially if you borrow a certain amount of money from the loan shark. Normally if you borrow from the loan shark, you will have to pay extra more compared to the banks. Not only that, loan sharks can get very dangerous especially if you are late in paying it back. They will usually come to your house and threaten your family members. Meanwhile from credit card, I recommend you to only have one, only for emergency. Many people thought credit card can be used lightly but they forgot the money in the credit card is being loaned to them.